CliMate V2 (web-version) has been released

Friday July 7, 2017

CliMate (v2), with 10 analyses, faciltates exploration of climate records to ask questions relating to rainfall, temperature, radiation, and derived variables such as heat sums, soil water and soil nitrate accumulation. It is designed for decision makers whose business relies on the weather, who want to better qunatify risk and system status.

Please visit to use the new version.

How Often?

Rain & temperature

The likelihood of 'x' amount of rainfall over 'y' days during different periods of the year. (more...)

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How's the Season?

Rain, temperature, radiation & heat-sum

Track how the current season is progressing, as compared to past seasons. (more...)

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How Likely?

Rainfall & temperature seasonal forecast

Generate seasonal climate outlooks and assess historical forecast skill. (more...)

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How's the Past?

Rain, temperature & radiation

Review historical monthly and annual rainfall, temperature and solar radiation patterns. (more...)

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How Hot/Cold?

Cold & heat stress

Assess the chance of heat-stress and cold-stress events for any day of the year. (more...)

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How Wet/N?

Soil water & nitrate

Assess how soil water and nitrate have changed over the current fallow season. (more...)

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How's El Nino?

Atmosphere & ocean status

Assess current ENSO indicators based on key atmospheric and oceanic indicators. (more...)

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